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Welcome to KateSpot Gymnastics, on of the most trusted manufactures of gymnastics mats online. We do our best to provide you with access to quality gym mats at affordable prices by connecting you directly to manufacturers. Our promise to you is to help you find gymnastics mats that are ideal for your situation and help you get the for the lowest price. We do this by evaluating your needs and using our extensive experience in the gymnastics equipment industry to recommend the best option. In some cases, we might not have exactly what’s best for you, but because we’re so dedicated to seeing you, we even go so far as to recommend our own competitors. When we evaluate your situation, we will ask things like…

  • Why (specifically) are you buying a gymnastics mat?
  • Who is the mat for?
  • How will the mat be used?
  • What is the experience level of the gymnast that will be using the mat?
  • In what environment will the mat be used?
  • What is your budget for this specific gymnastics item?

Asking these specific questions allows us to help you get the outcome you will be happy with by understanding your situation on a deeper level. To find your ideal gymnastics mat, submit your details to us by completing the survey that we have featured on the site.
Gymnasts and Mats

Here is a video of a recent gymnastics competition. We provide similar mats…

Our favorite gymnastics team: USA Gymnastics – Visit the website.